Remix as an Intercultural Tool

In a time when borders are becoming increasingly prominent and the impacts of hatred dominate the headlines, Nellski pursues a clear mission: to peacefully unite people of all cultures on his dance floor. His unique mixes, comprised of a curious combination of diverse traditional music genres and high-energy electronic beats, take us on a colorful journey. Nellski doesn't just bring Balkan Beats, Electro Swing, and Global Beats in his luggage; he brings a kaleidoscopic soundtrack for globetrotters. Rich in new inspirations, Nellski is now back in Berlin after a four-year stay in Portugal.
Are you ready to celebrate the world on Nellski's dance floor?

New Song: Endlich Schnee

I have produced a new track for Rot & Honig. A wintry children's song as Electro Swing version! And yes, I have included the famous Wilhelm scream. Aaaargh!!!
You can find it by following this Link:
Click here!


3000 Grad Festival Germany
Kulturinsel Einsiedel Folklorum Festival Germany
Goulash Disko Festival Croatia
Dresdner Schlössernacht Germany
Ariano Folkfestival Italia
Electro Swing Club London United Kingdom
Fusion Festival Germany
The Secret Garden Party Festival United Kingdom
Electro Swing Revolution Berlin Germany
Seasplash Festival Croatia
Sisyphos Berlin Germany
Bochum Total Festival Germany
Klub Balkanska Berlin Germany
Künstlerhaus Tacheles e.V. Berlin Germany Germany
Badehaus Szimpla Berlin Germany
at.tension Theaterfestival Germany
Radio Bremen Wohnküche Bremen Germany
Electro Swing Bohemia Czech Republic
From Swing To Electro Swing Kalvingrad Geneva Switzerland
Cottbus Film Festival Germany
rederei fm Germany
OBOA Oderbruch Open Air Germany
Berlin Lacht Festival Germany
Russendisko Kaffee Burger Berlin Germany

In the early '90s, Nellski embarked on his journey into the world of electronic music, captivated by its evolution. Back then and today, the Berlin-based DJ and producer has a keen focus on remixes, mashups, and bootlegs of unique or well-known compositions that possess that "special something," such as old swing or blues tunes, the world of Balkan and Cumbia, or even classical childhood theme melodies. By transcending cultural boundaries, Nellski entices us with nostalgic memories, conveys messages, plays with the energy of electronic rhythms, and indulges us with handcrafted sounds - all while keeping the party vibe alive.

Since his initial releases with Bomba Titinka on ChinChin Records and Skazka Orchestra on Acker Records received significant recognition, Nellski has become a part of the Ludwig Sound family and remains a cherished guest at Electro Swing and Global Beats events across Europe.


  • I have produced a new track for Rot & Honig  @jostknapp  . A wintry children's song as Electro Swing! And yes, I have included the famous Wilhelm scream.


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